Thursday, January 14, 2010

This week, in an attempt to drink at least a little less coffee than my usual 8-10 cups a day, I've been drinking a lot of Lupicia's 'Orange Kidd', an orange cream rooibos tea. Sweet-smelling, subtle, and perfect for relaxing -- it's even beautiful to look at, with sugar bits and purple accents. I guess tea doesn't need to be attractive to be delicious, but there's nothing that says it shouldn't be, and it makes the brewing preparation just a bit more special to me.

After finally getting up the resolve to order some new tea before the wintery/Christmas-flavored teas disappeared until next year, I'm swimming in both new and nostalgic flavors. My friend Michelle sent me a beautiful sampler of some Christmas teas, Cache-Cache, Carol, and the strange, heady Orzo Cioccolata, a wonderful, unexpected treat that spurred me on to finally place the order... Lupicia's tin design is so lovely that the box is now a permanent fixture on my desk :)


  1. わくわく!I'm glad you have come back to Lupica teas, as really, that's your thing!! Will ended up getting me a set of Lupicia teas for Christmas too so I am DROWNING IN DELICIOUS TEA! I love it! i need a tea pot though... any suggestions?

    I want to try that first one you have, too!

  2. Hi, I found your blog while I was researching Lupicia teas...basically, I'm a huge Lupicia tea fan, but ever since the two Korean stores shut down, I haven't been able to get my fix. The horror.

    So, my question is this. Do you happen to know where a Lupicia store is located, preferably close to a subway station, in either Tokyo or Osaka? Thanks!

  3. @Banannas: Oh no! The horror indeed, I'm so happy that they have stores here in the States otherwise I'd be going through withdrawal!

    I know that there's one in the Hanshin department store basement very close to Umeda/Osaka station! It also looks like there's one on the B1 floor floor of the Alcott department store in Shinjuku, according to their site (here's a map According to the Alcott website that's pretty close to the station. Lupicia's English language site has some basic places that you could probably investigate, (, and their Japanese site has more detailed locations (in Japanese) depending on where in the cities you'd be going: ( It lists quite a few locations besides those, esp. in Tokyo, but those two are probably easy to find. If you would like more locations, let me know and I can try to track down more!