Saturday, January 9, 2010


Lately dear hedgehog Ira has been a big grump with me when it's time to play. He never wants to leave his hedgehog pocket, unless it's for a treat or a mealworm. Much like I haven't been very compelled to leave the house, unless it's for a delicious dinner or the promise of finding something that will provide a delicious dinner in the future!

This year I will be more creative. This year I'm going to be brave, have fun, make a mess, and read widely.

Things are already better then they were a month ago -- I've found a suitable second part time job that leaves me with little free time, but almost an actual salary's worth of hours. I'm still hopeful about finding a full time position somewhere this year, but in the meantime at least things are a little more stable and maybe I can allow myself to open up again and enjoy things more, without as much of the constant, aching stress of feeling under-employed and unnecessary.


  1. Yarukiganai hedgehog is super cute! Glad you've made lots of positive NY resolutions! You can do it, I know it! My door is always open if you wanna come visit and soak in some happiness sun rays and see fun art in LA! I gots the INFLATABLE BED, yo!

  2. Lots of luck with your New Year's goals!

  3. Thanks for the positive thoughts everyone! 2010 good start get!