Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What We Wore Today

The new semester starts next week, so it's been a whirl of tracking down the remaining (or surprisingly added at the last minute) necessary textbooks and reading through the first week's assignments. One I'm excited to read is Thomas Mann's Oxford Guide to Library Research -- very entertaining so far and really energizing me for my new classes!

Since my winter wardrobe has grown a bit lately thanks in part to some terrifically lucky vintage finds, I've been trying to get back on my What I Wore Today drawings kick. It's always fun to spend a few minutes browsing through the new additions to Gemma Correll's flickr community pool devoted to this kind of daily self-celebration, if you haven't taken a look I recommend you follow the link. So many artists with such diverse styles contribute their own "looks," it's very inspiring -- especially for fashion-loving yet photo-shy types like me!

This is the second dress I've purchased from, the "Too Cozy to Be True" dress. Although I do love this darling seasonal number, it's actually a little less cozy than advertised and constructed from fairly thin material. Definitely worth it's not terribly pricey price, though, on cuteness alone (and I bought it when it went on sale!).

This dress was a vintage find, and a good excuse to relearn how to make patterns in Photoshop! The boots and snarky look can both be attributed to the (at the time) impending snow storm, which hit last night and ended up not having much of an impact on anything. Bring it on next time, snow!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year, all! It's been a long time since my last entry here, but the new year seems like the best time to pick up neglected projects, spruce them up, and see where they can go.

The biggest accomplishment of the year, for me, was starting graduate school and beginning to work toward my MLIS. After much self-doubt about whether or not it was worth pursuing, it felt good to make a decision and start down a path, regardless of the (un)certainty of being able to find a better position after finishing.

In 2011, I hope to make more watercolors, continue needle felting, and as usual read read read! A better goal might be to write, write, write, record, record, record, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Let's hope that the new year holds happiness, creativity, and wonder for everyone!