Friday, March 12, 2010

The museum I work for is gearing up for a big exhibit of Hollywood costumes and costumers, and looking through the books and collections has left me feeling (oh so slightly) more glamorous then usual!

WIWT 3/05/2010

Not exactly Myrna Loy, but at least it's a try :)

This dress is a "best ever" find from one of the thrift stores I frequent, a nice little vintage number in a style that suits my body type and of-late zest for purple. One of the great rules of shopping that took me a closet full of clothes and a long while to learn is this: no matter how amazing or adorable a garment is, if it doesn't fit right or suit you and you know you're not going to sell or alter it, you should just leave it on the rack and save your money. Also, it's alright to embrace and enjoy a high waisted dress on occasion -- they're not actually all that evil, it turns out.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dance, hedghog, dance!

WIWT 2/28/2010: Hedgie Dance Party!

Hedgehog dance party fun times, or, Ira and I celebrating after cage cleaning day. He's not actually so happy after having a bath -- mostly he just looks damp and escape-y. Happy to get back to a clean wheel though!


And another What I Wore Today sketch of my typical gym clothes -- boring, but since I wear some variation of this kind of thing 4-5 times a week drawing it was inevitable! The capybara t-shirt came from an arts and crafts session with my friends a couple years ago where everyone made shirts using the stencils and bleach method. Definitely a fun day project to try if you've got some plain shirts handy!