Sunday, January 24, 2010

What I Wore Today 01222010

My first what I wore today drawing -- dressed for work at the museum! After finding the flickr community What I Wore Today (Drawings Only), I thought it would be fun to try to do a drawing to add to the pool. Most of the time my outfits aren't very distinctive, though! The shoes from Target are my favorite right now, I'm tempted to buy a couple pairs of them to save for when this pair wears out.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

This week, in an attempt to drink at least a little less coffee than my usual 8-10 cups a day, I've been drinking a lot of Lupicia's 'Orange Kidd', an orange cream rooibos tea. Sweet-smelling, subtle, and perfect for relaxing -- it's even beautiful to look at, with sugar bits and purple accents. I guess tea doesn't need to be attractive to be delicious, but there's nothing that says it shouldn't be, and it makes the brewing preparation just a bit more special to me.

After finally getting up the resolve to order some new tea before the wintery/Christmas-flavored teas disappeared until next year, I'm swimming in both new and nostalgic flavors. My friend Michelle sent me a beautiful sampler of some Christmas teas, Cache-Cache, Carol, and the strange, heady Orzo Cioccolata, a wonderful, unexpected treat that spurred me on to finally place the order... Lupicia's tin design is so lovely that the box is now a permanent fixture on my desk :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Lately dear hedgehog Ira has been a big grump with me when it's time to play. He never wants to leave his hedgehog pocket, unless it's for a treat or a mealworm. Much like I haven't been very compelled to leave the house, unless it's for a delicious dinner or the promise of finding something that will provide a delicious dinner in the future!

This year I will be more creative. This year I'm going to be brave, have fun, make a mess, and read widely.

Things are already better then they were a month ago -- I've found a suitable second part time job that leaves me with little free time, but almost an actual salary's worth of hours. I'm still hopeful about finding a full time position somewhere this year, but in the meantime at least things are a little more stable and maybe I can allow myself to open up again and enjoy things more, without as much of the constant, aching stress of feeling under-employed and unnecessary.