Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Infinite Summer: Dracula

Infinite Jest might have been just a little (alright, well, quite far) beyond me this past summer, but I'm looking forward to reading Dracula during October for Infinite Summer: Dracula! Despite being a horror buff I've never actually even tried to read the original classic. Now's the time to end that embarassment!

Anyone else plan on reading along?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Facebook blues

Hello blog!

Maximus missed being posted here, so here's his latest glamour-shot.

I've been posting on my twitter, when posting anything at all, just because it's easiest. And, in a funny way, while still being personal, it feels impersonal. Don't ask me how!

For a while, I've felt overwhelmed and depressed by the internet. Mostly by Facebook, to the point that I've been seriously considering disabling my account on it... but even that seems like a hassle. So I just don't add much to the internet dialogue, and continue my own little life.