Thursday, April 30, 2009

Since yesterday I was feeling kind of down about things, I tried making a list, goals for this any period of time. This is kind of an exercise in silliness for me because if I make it too specific I feel like I'll end up feeling bad about not accomplishing things, but making such a non-specific list almost feels like a waste of time. Because, well, don't we all?

But, broadly:

- Eventually get a better position at work. For now, continue to gain experience and hopefully find a compatible part time job while applying to interesting things as they come up.

- Write more. Blog more. Craft more. The usual suspects.

- Keep up with my reading. Read more fiction and not feel bad about it.

- Keep the house cleaner.

- Continue to use my eco-bag/ be more proactive about being quote unquote green.

- Take more pictures. One day buy back my flickr Pro account to get the pictures being held hostage there.

- Start up an etsy shop. It's almost there, I just need to decide on the logo design and print up cards.

- Study some language! Spanish, French, Japanese, it doesn't matter, but it feels good and productive to study languages.

- Pay off any outstanding debts, aside from student loans. Save money, but don't become a complete shut-in.

- Stop watching America's Next Top Model, once and for all :) Guilty pleasure or no, this debacle of a season totally lost me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's been raining here and so I decided to try to crochet a teru teru bozu last night! Though really I like the rain, so... maybe I should hang it upside down like it says to do in the wikipedia article. He came out pretty well for the first ami I've made without using a pattern.

I used to love seeing these little guys around when I was living in Japan! Lately everything has made me feel really nostalgic...


Teru-teru-bozu, teru bozu
Do make tomorrow a sunny day
Like the sky in a dream sometime
If it's sunny I'll give you a golden bell

Teru-teru-bozu, teru bozu
Do make tomorrow a sunny day
If you make my wish come true
We'll drink lots of sweet rice wine

Teru-teru-bozu, teru bozu
Do make tomorrow a sunny day
But if it's cloudy and you are crying
Then I shall snip your head off!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Here's the semi-daily (weekly... occasionally monthly!) ANMD hedgie photo post! These kind of reflect my recent mood as well, but maybe that's just because work made me feel sick today. Grump grump grump, but with a twinge of frightened optimism?



Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bunnies are brown
Bunnies are white
Bunnies are always
An Easter delight!

garden bunny

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It makes me feel terrible that my friends are updating their blogs and here I am being lazy! It seems like for now my life is in a pleasant holding pattern of pets, half-baked schemes, and work.

Ira has been a cranky fellow for the past couple of days, not letting me cut his toenails. A few more days of this and I fear that they'll reach gigantic monster-toe-like proportions. He'll wiggle around, sit still for a couple seconds and let me hold his foot gently, giving me that glint of hope -- yes! This is my chance! -- and then quickly pull his foot away and huff. So frustrating!

Peaky hog