Thursday, April 30, 2009

Since yesterday I was feeling kind of down about things, I tried making a list, goals for this any period of time. This is kind of an exercise in silliness for me because if I make it too specific I feel like I'll end up feeling bad about not accomplishing things, but making such a non-specific list almost feels like a waste of time. Because, well, don't we all?

But, broadly:

- Eventually get a better position at work. For now, continue to gain experience and hopefully find a compatible part time job while applying to interesting things as they come up.

- Write more. Blog more. Craft more. The usual suspects.

- Keep up with my reading. Read more fiction and not feel bad about it.

- Keep the house cleaner.

- Continue to use my eco-bag/ be more proactive about being quote unquote green.

- Take more pictures. One day buy back my flickr Pro account to get the pictures being held hostage there.

- Start up an etsy shop. It's almost there, I just need to decide on the logo design and print up cards.

- Study some language! Spanish, French, Japanese, it doesn't matter, but it feels good and productive to study languages.

- Pay off any outstanding debts, aside from student loans. Save money, but don't become a complete shut-in.

- Stop watching America's Next Top Model, once and for all :) Guilty pleasure or no, this debacle of a season totally lost me.

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