Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up: Carnival!

Fireworks night at the carnival was this weekend! We managed to make it out, at least, for some photos and some carnival food fun times. I'm a little wary of rides because I am prone to motion sickness just standing around, but love the buzzy atmosphere, food, and lights.  It's fun to just go and walk around people watching -- it was crowded, sticky, and very much summertime. 

And funnel cake... well, funnel cake is one of my favorite summertime nostalgic foods!  Every time I have some I wonder if you can make it at home, and a simple google search revealed that yes, it turns out, you really can! I hope to try out at least one of those recipes sometime in the future, and will report back with (hopefully) delicious results!

Humidity does amazing things to my hair.

We didn't manage to stay on-site for the fireworks (I got tired after working at the library yesterday and we're trying to save up money and carnival fun is too spendy for me!), but are lucky enough to live close enough to have a terrific view from one of the fields near the house.  It's great to be able to go home, wait for the earth-shattering kaboom, and run outside like excited kids to see the wonderful show just over the trees. 

What's your favorite thing about summer?  Have you made funnel cake at home?
Do you have a favorite, nostalgic summertime food? 


  1. mmm! yummy funnel cake! I can't ride rides due to extreme motion sickness, but i'll go to the carnival for the food! :D

    Found your blog on Hello Cotton! I've enjoyed reading it! New Follower Here!


    1. Hehe the only one I can do is the Ferris Wheel -- everything else is dangerous territory :)

      Thanks for following, it's nice to "meet" you! I like your blog and have followed you back, your photography left me so cheerful!