Sunday, May 31, 2009

it's a great big world out there

thrift find

My little Ira got his first taste of the outside world a couple of days ago, and it almost passed by without my usual gushing here! So, without further delay and laziness, the gushing:

After a few minutes of hesitant sniffing, pooping, and hiding by my shoes, he started speedily exploring his new frontier, traveling at speeds so fast he even startled the dog! (Maximus is pretty easily startled.) Sonic the Hedgehog was no fantasy -- these little guys can move!

Ira's usually very timid in new places, or even familiar places that don't have a good place to run and hide, so I was happy to see him in such an adventurous mood. Whenever he shows this kind of interest in a thing, or something happens that really seems to show his personality beyond the quills and bad temper, it's SOOO ridiculously rewarding that it leads to me singing a made-up song or taking a billion blurry photos thinking that they're all going to be amazing because how could they not be he's sooo cute!

Anyway :)

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