Monday, February 23, 2009

On a beautifully sunny but bitterly cold day, here's another fellow from Amigurumi World, and my first attempt at making a full animal with arms, legs, and ears. Actually, it's more like my second or third attempt, thanks to the sneaky animals I live with. Up until recently the dog had been working in collaboration with the cat to get CDs, books, and small stuffed animals off of shelves and tables and into his waiting teeth. Either they're starting to get tired of this trick or I'm starting to get wiser -- this bunny actually got finished without incident.

The arms and legs on these little amis are the hardest part for me to make because of their small size, but the head, body, and ears were a breeze. Getting the hang of something new is a nice feeling!


  1. SO SO SO CUTE! How are you doing besides all the crafting?

  2. Things are pretty good... Mostly I've just been trying to avoid all unnecessary stress and apply to jobs and spend time with my folks. There's not much here in terms of jobs either, but I finally at least managed to get a job interview! I'm also trying to keep my spirits up and get out of the house as much as possible with what little money I have, but that's tough :) Johnny got into a job through a temp agency and is starting on Monday, so I'm excited for (and jealous of) him!

    How about you guys? I hope you're feeling better...